GMO Foods and the FDA

By Patrick Vaillancourt |
Feb. 23, 2013

FDA Natural Label and GMO foods

The FDA allows food manufacturers to use the common meaning of words to mean something else. For example, it is actually legal for the food industry to use the word natural even if the ingredients include genetically modified organisms (GMO). The problem is that the word natural is not legally defined.

USDA Organic

You would think that a company like Whole Foods would exclude GMO product. Wrong! Watch this undercover investigation, and see for yourself, that even the employees at Whole foods have no idea. They even goes as far as claiming “Nothing  Artificial, Ever” in their advertising. Until, the Federal Government, or the State in which you reside passes a law to include labeling of GMO foods, the only sure way to avoid GMO’s is look for products that are labeled as “USDA Organic.”

FDA Does Not Independently Verify GMO Studies

According to the Government Accounting Office – GAO, the FDA relies on the test data from industry on a voluntary basis. “As part of the process, companies test new GM foods to assess their safety, including their potential health risks, and submit test data to FDA for evaluation.”

If that’s not bad enough, studies performed in the UK using GMO potatoes found that all of the rats had precancerous growths throughout their bodies affecting most of their organs, brain, and decreased white blood cell count showing that even the immune system had been damaged.  According to GM-Free Cymru, Monsanto suppressed their study for 8 years. “A secret feeding study of Monsanto GM potatoes, conducted in 1998 by the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and suppressed for 8 years, showed that the potatoes did considerable damage to the organs of the rats in the study (1) (2). In comparison the rats in the “control groups” which were fed on normal potatoes or on a non-potato diet were healthier, and had much less organ and tissue damage. This research, fully supported by Monsanto through the provision of the GM potatoes, was conducted at approximately the same time as Arpad Pusztai’s research in the Rowett Institute.”

FDA and the Revolving Door Between the GMO Industry

The policy of the FDA, or lack thereof, regarding independent testing is not surprising. According to Bloomberg, and the Huffington Post, Michael Taylor was FDA’s deputy commissioner for food safety who later became Vice President for public policy at Monsanto. Monsanto officially denies that there is any collusion between the FDA, and its industry. This defies all logic.