By Patrick Vaillancourt |
March 5, 2013

Illusion of EvolutionGolden Section

We’re taught in school from day one the illusion that we evolved starting as monkeys emerging over a two hundred thousand year period without really any scientific evidence. However, there is fossil evidence that modern humans have been around for millions of years.

Illusion of DNA

We’re taught the illusion that DNA makes us who we are. That we are the sum of our bodies. There is evidence that DNA is an antenna tuning in our soul which is an energy emanating from elsewhere. Nothing is solid. An atom is all vibrating energy. Science doesn’t really know what energy is. There is evidence that our attitude actually changes our DNA. We are not the product of our bodies, our bodies are the product of our soul.

Illusion of History

We’re taught the illusion that the pyramids were constructed by slaves with copper tools. This is impossible. The evidence actually points to a higher technology that created the pyramids, and also Coral Castle in South Florida. The higher technology is encoded into the symbols of the Illuminati / free masons. If you take the measurement of your hand to your arm, or your leg to your body, and countless ratios throughout your body, including your DNA, the ratio is always the golden mean 1.618. It is an irrational number like pi. The ratio of galaxy spiral arms is the golden mean. The ratio of the components of all life on earth, is the golden mean. The orbits of the planets, the same. Everywhere! All things! The Illuminati are sitting on this knowledge, and feeding us garbage fake science to keep us in the dark. This is why Tesla’s studies on free energy were buried. It contradicts their bogus narrative. They’re throwing it in our face by putting the blueprints of all this knowledge in corporate logos, and all over the place. This video will change your perspective on life for the better. There are 5 videos listed (from bottom to top). Please watch them so you can empower yourself.