The Coming Economic Collapse

By Patrick Vaillancourt |
March 19, 2013

Economic Collapse Around the CornerEconomy

Yes, there is going to be an economic collapse, and it will probably be triggered by dollar default, or hyper-inflation. If you get your news mostly from television, commercial radio, or mainstream news online, then chances are they have convinced you that this is a crazy point-of-view. The latest crisis in the EU beginning in Cypress which will likely spread across Europe may be the beginning.

Economic Collapse Hidden by Corporate Media

Television is a very sophisticated method of distorting reality while they make money in the process. It trains people to basically trust only the establishment. Not only television, but anything produced by the handful of corporations  who have control of the entertainment industry, and media overall. Only five major corporations own all the channels on cable as seen here (source:  To put this into perspective, the media was composed of thousands of corporations in the 1980’s. The correct view after years of thinking about this, reading, and researching is that our industries (what’s left of them), government, and media act as one interlocking entity that controls everything. It consists of a revolving door of the same people trading off positions between each of these. I call it the “establishment.” The establishment needs us to continue trusting it so that it can continue preparing for the coming economic collapse in a calm environment. The media, particularly television and radio, works through repetition, and over-entertaining to put people in a trance, and bypass their rational, logical thinking processes. During the trance people enter a hypnotic, suggestive state where the gate-keeper within your conscious mind allows irrational, and fictional thoughts to be planted as facts into your subconscious where they would not be otherwise.

When will the Economic Collapse Occur?

The economic collapse appears to be getting exponentially closer, and eventually we will reach an inflection point where changes start to occur much faster. The current limbo we’re in, economically speaking, can only go on for so long until a sufficient number of people realize that there is no money in the treasury, and that there is enormous debt, and obligations that can never be paid off unless there is a dollar default. A dollar (currency) default is when a nation declares bankruptcy. So, in order to pay for as much of its debts as possible, as part of the bankruptcy, it devalues its currency. Also, as part of the bankruptcy, all government programs, services, and entitlements are eliminated. This is known as austerity. Our politicians will probably deny it all at first. Once they can’t deny it any longer, they’ll admit it, and call it the “We Love America Act,” or something that sounds nice in an attempt to quell opposition.

What is Currently Keeping the Economic Collapse at Bay?

One reason an economic collapse hasn’t already occurred is the dollar’s value. The only thing holding-up the value of the dollar right now is the fact that the rest of the world is using it to trade as the world reserve currency. China, Russia, Japan, and other major countries are already setting-up agreements with other nations to use their own currencies in trade. When the value of the dollar is reduced by 2/3, or more, anyone with savings will effectively lose 2/3 of the value of their savings in the process. For example, if you have $100k in your bank account, your balance will still read as: $100k on your statement. But, anything that had cost $100k prior to the default will now cost $900k. Groceries that cost $100 would then cost $900, etc.

Another scenario is that the government will try to pay it’s debt by taking it from people’s retirement or regular savings. This is theft, but they will probably take a percentage out of peoples bank accounts across the board, and call it a tax. Of course, the banks are the one’s who have lobbied our government to cause the problem to begin with. For example when Glass Stegall was repealed by Congress and Bill Clinton in the late 1990’s. Right out of the gates you had the tech bubble, and then the mortgage bubble as a result.

Something similar to the bank account “tax” scenario is already playing out in the EU right now.  The government of Cypress is in the process of taking 10% – 15% of the people’s savings. The people of Cypress have demonstrated in the streets, and so this has not yet happened. It will probably still happen but at a lower percentage. They are also talking about taking pension funds to pay off the EU.

Update March 21, 2013: Brazil, China to ink deal on trade in national currency.