Lack of Logic is an Epidemic

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March 21, 2013

Lack of Logic in America

A big problem with modern America is that average students are not taught to think with logic, and to have the ability to spot fallacy… aka bullshit… aka the rhetoric of known liars. This is why we are practically a dictatorship, or oligarchy to be more accurate, at this point. Lack of Logic is why Agenda 21 is unfolding before us under catchy phrases like “smart growth, sustainable development, bikable, walkable, etc.” This is a different blog post altogether though. However, I did, provide additional mention of Agenda 21 here. Also, a great resource on Agenda 21 is found here (I’m not a democrat by the way).

Lack of Logic in our Modern World

One of the most important things an individual should learn from day one in school, along with writing, and arithmetic is to think logically. In modern public schools, this is no longer the case. It used to be taught in grammar school as part of a curriculum known as the trivium. The “trivium” is so elementary, and basic that it was taught since the times of ancient Greece, and Rome. It even continued throughout the dark ages, and up until roughly 100 years ago.  This is when public schools were taken over by the Rockefeller foundation as discussed here. John D. Rockefeller is credited with saying, “competition is a sin.” How do you ensure there are few candidates who can compete with you? You alter the education system under the guise of philanthropy.

Logic is not for Vulcans

Thinking logically is not something that aliens from another planet do. It is, despite all the propaganda, what people naturally do automatically. Modern schools, and media leave us in an arrested state of development by preventing and/or delaying the activation of logical thinking. It used to be the duty of a teacher to turn this on sooner than later. The longer someone thinks while using logic, the more tools they will be mentally loaded-up with when they head out into the world. Nowadays, we have a population that has been trained, through media, and schools to primarily embrace fiction, and to make decisions based on emotion.

Lack of Logic is leading to an epidemic of deception.

So, how does the average American’s thinking impact our ability to size-up and shape the political establishment? Let’s take an example, and then plug a logical fallacy into the equation. Before I go there, let me touch upon logical fallacies. Logical fallacies were developed by ancient philosophers as a formula for determining if something is fact or fiction based on the information someone presents. A really good example is the comments section in the blogosphere with people bickering back and forth among party lines. A typical comment goes like this, “If you are against an Obama policy, then you must support Romney,” and vice versa. This is a faulty argument. The failure in logic is as follows: It says that there is only a, and b, but no c, d,  e, etc. when clearly there are all millions of other possibilities, ans options. The letter a would be Romney, and b would be Obama in this example. But what could c be? You might support a third party candidate’s point-of-view. How about d? Another thing to consider is that maybe Romney has a similar idea of what healthcare should look like as Obama does. In other words, not much of a difference.

Logic is the cure to the modern politics destroying America

I believe that modern politics would’ve been nearly impossible 100 years ago. People not only had logic as a foundation, which is enough alone, but they had a house of knowledge built upon it. About 90% of what comes out of a modern politician’s mouth is a lie. How do you know when a politician is lying? There lips are moving. They are known liars, and intelligent, people who are applying logical fallacies to what they are saying spot them a mile away.