Positive Attitude as Mind Control

By Patrick Vaillancourt | knownliars.com
March 23, 2013

Positive Attitude and Superstition Confused

Positive Attitude
Positive Attitude

The criminals that we blindly elect, within both parties, are elected based on superficial reasons, and they are literally getting away with theft and murder. How? Denial by a majority of the public that we have a problem. I’m told that it is “negative” to point-out their crimes, or, the other false labeling, that it is “conspiracy theory.” I’ll do a separate post on “conspiracy theory another time. This “conspiracy theory” labeling flies out of people’s mouths, without thought,  for reasons beyond simple denial. The “you’re being negative” reaction occurs when people subconsciously realize that there is a problem. The false “conspiracy theory” label gets used when people are either oblivious, or in a deeper denial where the normalcy bias is in play. It is common that when I point-out that the economy is on the brink of collapse, and we the citizenry must take action to prevent it, I always hear, “don’t be so negative.” Apparently, the average person actually believes in magic. I guess they believe that if we just have a positive attitude, confused with hiding our heads in the sand, then there will be no problems. They really believe that the criminals who are looting us in Washington on behalf of the bankers will simply stop and say, “you know… you’re right, we’re going to stop taxing everyone into oblivion, and handing it to the large banks.” A sign of ignorance is believing in superstition, and the notion that simply having a positive attitude, and then magical things will happen is superstitious. Most people were in the dark during the DARK ages because they were naive, and therefore superstitious. Most believed that the earth was flat just like modern American’s believe that denying the problem is optimism. This “denial, masked as optimism,” is what is fueling our societal problems. There is a mind control trance among the general population. I’m not saying that there isn’t genuine optimism. I’m saying that the American propaganda machine confuses the issue as a political tool.

Fake Positive Attitude Propagated by Oligarchy Media

When you have only SIX corporations (source: http://www.businessinsider.com) in control of most of our information, you have a centrally controlled propaganda machine. The heads of these different companies meet behind closed doors frequently, and it is not a secret. Of course, they don’t put it in the headlines. We’re all trained to think if it is not in the headlines it is not an issue. This is definitely a propaganda machine with an agenda of hiding the crimes being perpetrated in Washington. The only difference between a state run media, and what we have is that it has the appearance of free independent media controlled by the hands of plenty. It is a superficial appearance which takes about five seconds to see through. However, you have to be open to the idea that this could be the reality of the situation. Uh oh. I just said open to the idea instead of saying that I am being negative. Not only is it positive to hide your head in the sand, but it is also negative to actually question known liars. To say that you are open to the idea that something is wrong and that, that is positive, will cause the average mindset to error out, and shut down. You can’t break the programming. The programming is denial of a problem = having a positive attitude. Of course, there is no programming. Why? That’s negative too. By the way, the media even calls their shows, “programming.” Coincidence?

Positive Attitude and Negative Attitude Formula

Speaking of programming, there is basic formula in the media, public schools, and universities. In order to protect the criminals and so that the truth cannot be fully examined by the public is as follows:
Stigmatize, bash, punish, make it taboo, and negative to being open-minded to the possibility of crimes committed by, and the questioning of known liars behind those crimes. Make it a cool, a fad, acceptable, reward, part of the in-crowd, positive attitude to be in denial of the known liars, and the fact that they are committing those crimes.

This formula is pushed on us from day one. Television is the most-effective tool. People spend most of their time watching television programming nowadays. The slick graphics, and hue of the light induces a trance like state. The viewer is mentally disarmed, and a false reality is programmed. The majority of people relate everything to movies, and television. For example, you say to the average guy off that streets that it is a fact that the Federal Reserve is private run for profit, and they come back with a quote out of the movie Conspiracy Theory. You say someone was racing through traffic today when you were out, they bring up an action scene from a television show. Think about how often you related something in the real world to a television show. Keep track. You’ll be surprised. We need to get back to reality, and point it out for what it is. Let people say you are negative.

Really, the positive attitude mind control stems from the laziness of not thinking for oneself. Michael A. Hoffman II puts it succinctly in his book, on pg 142, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, “As part of the deterioration, Birkerts cites a ‘general impatience with inquiry.’ We can’t endure anything too profound. It must be predigested and packaged in segments and dispensed through computer monitors and television screens in bright, pulsating dollops. One does not acquire learning by such means, but rather, the illusion of learning. The act of sustained contemplation of the printed page has become a chore, when it is performed at all.”