ADHD Perception of the World

Perception – ADHD
Spinners are often used by people with ADHD to distract from fidgety moments.

ADHD is a neurological difference in how the brain works. It is not a learning disability or disorder. Those of us with ADHD, or autism spectrum (you can’t tell who some autistic people are it can be very subtle), view things from another angle. That “different angle” is immune from media and government lies; for the most part, at least. As someone with ADHD, you get treated like shit growing-up. I know a lot of children do in our modern world of “anything goes.”

Noticing a False Dichotomy with ADHD

“Anything goes” has also been adopted by psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists, and sadists to prey on others. In the corporate world, the role models are compared to predators like sharks. I’m not anti-capitalist, but historically speaking, it would work well by businesses operating in an ethical, polite manner aka civilized. This predatory behavior is not sustainable. There is another fake dichotomy usually dished-out that one sees in the modern corporate/business world. If you are not a shark, then you are prey. But not everything is “this or that.” There is a continuum forever in each direction of perceived end-points of a particular thing. Another way to say it is we have hot and cold. But, as you know there is warm and all the temperatures in between and hotter than hot, and colder than cold. So, if you are not a shark, you may be an ethically restrained aggressive person. You might be very passive, or whatever else in each direction. If you get too passive, then you are not functional, if you get too aggressive you might end-up in jail, or losing your customers.

Intuition of Predators – ADHD

So, back to the predators as role models… as someone who cares if something is right or not, growing-up I would see the true nature of people. For example, there are people who are well liked, considered to be role models, and/or popular to one degree or another who aren’t nice when they get you alone, or in their small clan. I’m nearly 50, so I don’t care about how I was their target at this point. These are personal experiences I use to compare to our so-called “leadership.” Between naturally thinking “outside of the box,” cliche I know, and witnessing the way people are, as their target, I can see them a mile away. In my opinion and observation, there is almost no one at higher political levels, or higher levels of the corporate world who are true leaders at this point. As someone with ADHD, I have an intuition that I have learned through trial and error to listen to. It leads me to digging deeper looking for evidence of corruption.

Seeing Distractions – ADHD

Let me tell you, it doesn’t take much to find it. Most people are distracted by being the same as the next person. They’re satisfied with the distractions these psychopaths in power created for the average person. I could write a book and go on and on listing examples of how people are manipulated through lies, distractions, and trained to focus in being in competition with each other one way or another. The other thing the social engineers do is set-up fake tribes for everyone. We are tribal by nature because humankind had to be in order to survive throughout our history. We are still tribes in the sense of nation states. But on an individual and local level, there is no need for tribes in order to survive anymore. Yes, that psychological need is still there so the social engineers and psychological experts use that as part of the distraction and manipulation to keep their bosses in power. People usually join one of three main choices of tribes, a democrat, republican, or “I don’t care” tribes. The majority are found in one of the first two tribes. Then, with this, there is a false dichotomy that is tied into that. If you pay close attention, the narratives shift and contradict previous positions in order to keep the tribal warfare between these two tribes going. The psychopaths don’t care about the issues they pretend they are spouting about. They care about manipulating us into not focusing on themselves. The basic formula is… if you are a republican who is for [insert issue here], then you are a democrat and vice versa. For example, there were anti-war protesters who invaded the Arms Services Committee chamber, and caused a huge stink when Bush was in power. Obama ascends the throne, bombs the shit out of Syria and then there is not a peep out of those same people. Another example, Alyssa Milano was front and center at every hearing for Brett Kavanaugh. When Biden was accused of the same things, crickets. Now it’s this fake pandemic. Except now people who question the stats the so-called “science,” the vaccines being safe or not, the origin of the virus are being cast as subhuman morons by the fake media and fake leadership (psychopathic shills). Those who agree with the psychopathic leadership with almost no question are now on the side of the in crowd, super human group. This happened in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and so on down the line. We need to expose this “divide an conquer” ecosystem, and get back to focusing on liberty, and keep it strong and lasting for future generations.