Afghanistan Withdrawal

As far as the Afghanistan mess goes: I think the globalist communists want more refugees flooding Europe. Even the U.S. is going to take on tens of thousands.

Using Afghanistan to Break Western Culture

The globalists are trying to destabilize the West, and by making it a shit show like this, it made people more scared, and more desperate to get out of there. I bet a throng of refugees will flood into Pakistan and then make their way to Europe with open arms. It’s already starting to happen. This whole mess is about undoing Western Civilization and making money in the process. It ties in with the Great Reset that is unfolding right now. So, Mr. Great Reset – “UN Agenda 2030” – Biden is responsible for fueling the already desperate situation. The Taliban are already grabbing teenage girls and young woman. They’re disgusting pigs and should be wiped-out. They’re like the barbarians that invaded Rome. I think we should’ve called-up five-hundred thousand troops and crushed them in a short amount of time and then made it a U.S.territory. But, this was about contractors making money off selling military hardware and the banks financing the debt from the whole mess. As an added bonus – it is time for destabilization of the West.

Afghanistan Proves it’s not about Solutions

If we really wanted them to be free we would’ve made them a U.S. territory. That could’ve easily been accomplished by dividing it with Russia, calling-up sufficient troops, and have both countries go after the Taliban. Even under a hypothetical Russian territory they would be FAR better off than under the Taliban; but they don’t care about the people being free within their own country. The reason I say divide it with Russia is they would’ve objected otherwise and prevented it by tying-it-up diplomatically and getting the UN involved so they could’ve all whined about it for years on end. Hell, if Russia would’ve gone halves on this, the weapons flow to the Taliban would’ve dried-up and that alone would’ve caused the Taliban to lose. I’m just some guy who doesn’t know much about the whole thing and even I can come-up with solutions. That is why I think they intentionally drew it out forever; both parties. I guess they figured they either withdraw everyone or send a full Army of troops in and go all the way. I think most of the public would’ve supported going in to get rid of the Taliban with proper messaging.

Afghanistan Withdrawal and the Great Reset

Joe Biden, a known liar, says he and his administration didn’t think the Afghan government would roll-over like that – obvious bullshit. They war game all the scenarios and their intelligence had to be telling them the Afghan government wasn’t going to take on the Taliban.The cultures of the East are a top-down dictatorial system. Western cultures are pro-liberty and self-governance. We have a reverse-fascist system with the Fortune 500 running the show. They disguise themselves as socialists wanting to build a “utopia” to get us to drop our current system; particularly younger generations sold on Social Justice, subjective, deterministic, “woke” fallacies that don’t work in reality. Socialism has already been contributing to unsustainable debt along with defense spending. They just want to shred our proven system of freedom and self-government. By flooding us with Eastern culture, and other dictatorial hell holes like Central America, it waters down the Western ideals. Destabilization, financing debt, and weapons sales is the name of the game. I am okay with taking those who helped the U.S. during the war and occupation. They will be a target of the Taliban otherwise. See this video put out by the World Economic Forum: It says Western values will reach a breaking point. This is by design of the fortune 500 (our real illegitimate government).