God is Everything – Literally

This makes the most sense to me. If you are wondering about how and why we exist, then this is something for you to consider. I don’t know for sure. I don’t know anything for sure, and if everyone is honest with themselves this is the reality. You can’t know anything for sure, but we must make decisions based on our best guesses to function and continue to exist. When I say anything, that is not a typo. There is nothing you can be 100% certain about. You might believe that, but the reality is you don’t, and I don’t. For example, I don’t know 100% for sure a particular politician is bad? No, not really, if I am completely honest with myself. I can say I am 99% sure Biden is bad, and be closer to honest.

Anyway, nothing is certain and to believe it is, is doing ourselves a disservice. With age comes this realization and acceptance. In fact, the longer I am around, and the more I read and learn, the more I realize I don’t know anything. In the grand scheme of things, we don’t even scratch the surface of truly grasping reality. There are things happening all around us that we don’t even perceive or even notice. X-rays passing through us, sounds beyond our range of hearing. There are things happening like squirrels and birds fighting over food or territory only feet away from you. Whole existences overlapping ours in other dimensions that we can’t interact with or even see with our senses. We only know of it through advanced and complicated mathematics. When we try to get a grasp of reality using our senses compared to how massive it is, it is like looking at everything through narrowest and longest straw you can find. We see almost nothing.

Image Credit: Hubble Space Telescope

If there can be nothing, then must be an “everything.” In our observable existence all things are on a continuum. An “everything” would include nothing and all points in between up to all possible things. Extreme hot and extreme cold. Hot water only seems hot compared to cold water or cold compared to hot. The reality is these are just different points between the coldest cold, and the hottest hot. Now take everything and apply this idea. You can move as slow as possible, or the speed of light (maybe someday). 50 mph is just one point in between just like 500 mph is. Dark and light. Small to large. Up and down… you get the idea. An “everything” would include consciousness. It would have to.

Part of this everything with its consciousness is its imagination. We exist within its imagination. It is analogous to an author imagining its characters. Shakespeare is all of Hamlet, and Hamlet is a tiny fraction of Shakespeare. When Shakespeare imagined Hamlet and wrote about him, Hamlet lived within the mind of Shakespeare for an instance. Romeo and Juliet also lived within his mind for a time. All these characters emanating from one source and that was Shakespeare. We are all emanating from the “everything.” You are me and I am you… like it or not, both bad people, in beteen good and bad, and good. As characters we are seemingly walled-off from the consciousness of the “everything” and its other characters. Therefore, we can’t go back to its mind and see and know everything it does.

As I write this, the “everything” writes it. As you read this, the “everything” reads it. At its level, it knows all these things simultaneously and forever.

Time is part of the story it is writing for us. It is nothing to it but a way to define us and a rule we must follow. Time is a major part of the fabric of our existence.
When you look at and interact with other people you are doing so as part of its imagination. Do we have self-determination? Yes, through the “everything’s” consciousness. You feel like you exist. You do as an extension of the mind of the “everything.” That feeling of being you and seeing through your eyes and not others eyes is the “everything’s” consciousness. At the same time, it is doing that through everyone. This is God. God is imagining every quark, atom, molecule, cell, plant, animal, rock, planet, star, galaxy, universe, other universes, dimensions you name it…everything. This is only a small part of its existence within an instance of its time, for lack of a better word. Time, distance, dimension, and and so on.

This all has no meaning to the “everything” at its level and existence. Those laws of physics are the fabric of existence within our story. We can’t even begin to imagine its existence as its character. It gave us imagination like it has imagination, it gave us existence and possibilities like it has these things. We have these things like the “everything” does, but it is a tiny sliver, barely existing, compared to it.

The major religions sprang out of this concept and conveyed this concept as parables so that everyone could get an idea of how this works. There is a controlling and creating thing and we call it God. It is writing our story. It has given us free-will within its laws. It makes some of us good, some of us bad, and most of us somewhere in between. It doesn’t really matter because you are part of the “everything” anyway.

We are created through the everything’s imagination. While focusing on the creation part of this, this site makes compelling points about how the only explanation is creation: https://www.andrewcorbett.net/articles/apologetics/5-proofs-for-the-existence-of-god/.